Meet the BlueOceans.TV Team

BlueOceans.TV draws expertise from the worlds of academia, environmentalism, industry and film production to best inform the future of connecting the plight of the oceans, those that study them and the wider public audience.


Terence Bulley

Terence has spent his life making films both above and below the sea.

Born in 1947 in London to a French Mother and English Father, by the time he entered the film industry at eighteen he was already a professional diver. He then learned to sail, taking part in Cowes Week and other regattas and has continued sailing all his life.

By the age of twenty one Terence became Special Effects Cameraman at National Screen Services. He resisted an offer to join Jacque Cousteau’s team on the Calypso preferring to continue his work in Cinema, becoming a Director of Photography and also specialising in underwater filming.

What drives Terence is – the challenge.

Over a thousand hours of underwater work includes;

Filming deep water welding on oil pipelines for Conoco from diving bells and submarines, shooting underwater sequences for TV dramas and commercials, several documentary series including sport fishing around the world, underwater documentary off Andros Island in the Bahamas, underwater films around the Bahamas, international movies such as ‘Yellow Sky’ in Thailand working with actors underwater for months, all action and underwater sequences for ‘Unknown’ an American movie shot in Berlin starring Liam Neeson and Diane Kruger.

As Director and Cameraman, Terence’s credits include:

‘Underwater Detectives’, a documentary for ITN Factual filmed in the Gulf of Oman covering the search and actual discovery of treasure from two of Vasco Di Gama’s ships that sank in 1604;

‘Halfway to Heaven’, a major feature-documentary shot on 35mm film about the roots of the game of Polo. Filming was in the Himalayas and Kashmir;

Many television commercials promoting business and leisure aspects of Kenya worldwide;

“Offshore Island”, the official British Navy film about the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal that had a Royal Film Premier and subsequently won First Prize at the London IVCA Awards.

Hundreds of music videos, many of them classics.

In his profession as Cinematographer Terence has filmed many movies for cinema and, in recent years, has concentrated on High Definition shooting. To date, he has filmed over 350 broadcast hours of high definition prime time television drama and movies.

Terence is an Associate of the Royal Photographic Society and received the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Yach International Music Video Awards in Poland.

He holds a Private Pilot License with IMC, Night, Float and Alpine ratings, has owned a Piper Cherokee 6 and has flown extensively in Europe, Africa and America.

For Terence’s professional film and television experience go to &


Dr Paulo Nunes

Presently with the United Nations Environmental Program, based in Nairobi, coordinating UN’s program on natural capital accounting on areas where Oceans have a major role.

Paulo A.L.D. Nunes is an economist with background on environmental and resource economics, management and development issues with a solid science policy interface expertise. Nunes has lead and managed complex programs, policies and cross-cutting themes and currently covers the position of Scientific Coordinator of the Policy and Experts Committee of the Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystems (WAVES), World Bank.

He received his PhD in Economics from the Katholiek Universiteit Leuven (Belgium) and has 200+ scientific publications in the field of environmental economics and policy in a variety of international journals and peer review conferences.

His latest book is Handbook on the Economics of Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity, co-edited with Pushpam Kumar and Tom Deudeuwarderen (2014).

Dr Nunes is also a scientist-member of the Steering Committee of the Gulbenkian Oceans Initiative and he is involved with the Global Partnership for the Oceans, World Bank.

Dr Nunes’ research interests are focused on combining the use of economics thinking in addressing policy questions, with a particular focus on valuation and accounting of ecosystem services and natural capital. Dr Nunes has been working on these issues in Africa, Asia, Caucasus, Middle East, Latin America and Caribbean countries and contributing with his expertise to a wide set of high-level international initiatives, including, (i) 2014 UN conference on SIDS as author of the Guidance Manual for Valuation and Accounting of Ecosystem Services for Small Island Developing States, (ii) The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity (TEEB) and (iii), Ocean Health Index .

Dr Nunes has also a solid working experience with the corporate sector with the objective to develop a methodological and operative framework for corporate ecosystem valuation, working from international platforms led by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, IUCN, BSR, and Prince Albert II Foundation.


Dr Oli Mival

Oli is Principal Research Fellow at Edinburgh Napier University’s Centre for Interaction Design and Director of the Future Interactions group.

Oli is an internationally renowned expert on the application of emerging technologies into a multitude of domains of work practice, specialising in local and remote collaborative activity.

From creative industries to law enforcement, he has consulted for as well as designed and deployed solutions in a wide range of government, public sector and industrial settings with clients including the BBC, Blue Rubicon, Toshiba, Astra Zeneca, Logica, the NHS, FBI and US Naval Intelligence to name but a few.

A masters in psychology and a PhD in computer science has led to an approach, a specific philosophy for the successful implementation of technology to enhance and augment people’s activities, not to get in the way as can so often be the case. Put simply, it’s people first, technology second. Easy to say, a little more complicated to deliver.

Oli is often an invited speaker at The London Science Museum’s Dana Centre for public outreach and has spoken on topics as diverse as gesture and speech computer interfaces, digital tourism and interactive collaborative environments. Alongside this and other speaking engagements, Oli writes about the implications of various technologies (both good and bad) for magazines and newspapers as well as the occasional book chapter and over 50 journal and conference papers.

Previous to his return to academia, Oli launched Those Media Guys in 2004, a media production company based in Edinburgh working with clients including RBS and Warner Brothers. An award winning short film maker and photographer, Oli’s passion for film and the creative production process continues and he remains on the advisory board as the company continues from strength to strength, plus he makes the odd film or two himself when there’s a spare weekend.

For more information about Oli and his work you can visit

Richard Melman Blue Oceans

Richard Melman

Richard has launched 14 television channels for internationally renowned brands.

An internationally experienced manager and director with a successful track record in creative industries; specialising in new business strategy with the financial expertise to deliver projects on time and on budget. Calm and decisive under pressure, he has facilitated significant strategic changes trebling turnover and profit and has an excellent track record in company development and managing change.  A strong negotiator with excellent budgeting and forecasting skills, he has a passion for new technologies and the Internet. He has exceptional communication skills and is a regular public speaker and presenter.

2011 Executive Producer & Programme Consultant For Urban Canyons, Pricey Media. Channel Consultant for Global Arts, Gazelle Media.

2002 – 2010: Channel Director for History, Bio, Bio HD, History HD, Military History, The Crime & Investigation Network and CI HD

1999 – 2002 Channel Director for Artsworld (Now Sky Arts). One of the originators of the concept and Project Manager for all aspects of the channel’s launch, programming and transmission.

Head of Production for Jeremy Isaacs Productions. ‘Millennium’ – an award winning series on the history of the last 1000 years + programmes for the BBC and C4

BBC Launch Manger for People+Arts and Animal Planet. Based at Discovery’s HQ in Miami, He was responsible for the BBC’s input into the first two BBC/Discovery JV channels

Producer/Director for COLD WAR. An award winning, 24-part series for Ted Turner. He budgeted/scheduled the series and designed and implemented all the operational and editing systems for Jeremy Isaacs Productions.

Head of Production for InCA and Producer/director for the BBC and C4 including 5 series of The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures for BBC2.

Managing Director Picture House Productions. Specialising in Music Videos and Commercials.
Producer for Wood Film.
Runner, Clapper Loader, Focus Puller, DOP.

Specialties: Broadcast Management – from Channel launches to Commissioning


David French

Founder & CEO of My Drop In The Oceans ®

After transitioning from an early career in the music business, David became a full time advocate of the need to maintain healthy oceans for humanity, when he joined the Antinea foundation in 2007.

His first task involved using his creative talents to co-write and coordinate the opening ceremony for the IUCN world conservation congress in Barcelona, in October 2008. He then went on to work on strategic development and key partnerships for the Foundation’s main project, The Changing Oceans Expedition, which was launched in 2009.

This role included bringing on-board a core scientific mission – to validate and improve “a global map of human impact on marine ecosystems” (B. S. Halpern et al), the management of scientific missions in several countries and many awareness campaigns, involving schools, governments and corporations, across a range of different cultures.

David currently leads a new organisation called My Drop In The Oceans®, which he founded as an innovative new approach for companies and consumers, with the help of civil society and the public sector, to produce and to consume goods and services in a way that promotes a healthy and productive environment for life, humanity and the oceans.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 13.41.33

Professor J. Murray Roberts

Murray is the Director of the Centre for Marine Biodiversity & Biotechnology at Heriot-Watt University. He studied Biology at the University of York before completing a PhD at the University of Glasgow examining nitrogen cycling in the Anemonia viridis symbiosis.

Since 1997 his work on cold-water corals has taken him to sites off the UK, Norway, Ireland and the SE United States. He discovered the Mingulay cold-water coral reef complex off Scotland in 2003, the only known inshore coral reef in UK waters. In 2007 he undertook a two-year Marie Curie fellowship to develop the first international trans-Atlantic study of cold-water corals, TRACES.

His current research goals can be summarised as ‘working to advance understanding of the biology and ecology of cold-water corals and provide the information needed for their long-term management and conservation’

He is senior author of the ‘Cold-water Corals’, the first book covering the biology and geology of these important deep-sea habitats. Other roles Honorary Research Fellow, Scottish Association for Marine Science, UK and Adjunct Faculty at the University of North Carolina Wilmington, USA Contributing Author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) 5th Assessment Report.  Chapter 6 ‘Ocean Systems’ Academic Editor PLoS One.

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.06.19

Dr Romain Pete

PhD in Oceanography & Microbial Ecology, Diving Instructor, Rebreather diver.

Born in France in 1979, his education as a marine biologist started in Brest and Marseille, France. His thesis, carried out at the Scottish Association for Marine Science, Scotland, focused on marine microbial food web, the basis of the marine food chain, which plays a key role in the functioning of the oceans. Following his PhD, Romain took a position as a research assistant working on harmful algal blooms, looking at phytoplankton producing toxins around Scotland and affecting the Scottish shellfish industry.

Back to France in 2008, his work has expanded within the CNRS, with the study of the plankton in relation to climate change affecting our planet. Strongly involved in coordinating a large European project involving 5 European countries and 20 researchers. Romain was part of the steering committee and worked as the scientific coordinator of a cutting edge CNRS experimental platform, partly developed within this EU project.

Romain has joined the permanent team of Under The Pole in January 2013 and is currently in charge of the coordination of scientific programs on the expedition “Under The Pole II – Discovery Greenland 2014-2015”. Within the frame of this expedition, Romain has developed collaborations to work on the role of seaice on atmosphere-ocean gaz exchange, diving physiology and polar biology & biodiversity. In 2014, Romain participated in the expedition, west Greenland, to initiate and carry out scientific work on board of the expedition vessel where he was also in charge of the scientific diving.

Romain has published scientific work and teaches at SAMS and University of Montpellier II and was involved in five large research cruises (Mediterranean sea, North Atlantic).

Bruno Rebelle 2010

Bruno Rebelle

Formally International Programme Director at Greenpeace International.

Now General manager at TRANSITIONS a consultancy firm providing strategic support on sustainable development to companies, NGO and local governments. Such support includes CSR strategy design and implementation, environmental strategy design, social policies, advises on governance, stakeholder dialogue, advocacy and public awareness on issues related to sustainable development on the international scope.

From 1997 until 2003 Executive Director at Greenpeace France

During these 6 years the organisation went through a strong development, growing its supporter basis from 20 to 60.000, increasing its budget from €1 to 5 millions and its staff from 7 to 40, opening new area of work while building a strong public, political and media profile.

First collaborator of the International Executive Director, the Program Director supervises the definition of long term strategies, and coordinates the implementation of the global programme, combining different projects to cover the global issues Greenpeace wants to address: climate change, biodiversity degradation, toxic pollution and clean production…

The Program Director ensures a proper integration of the different components of Greenpeace campaigns: direct communication and non-violent confrontation, political lobbying, scientific support to the campaign demands, public engagement and negotiation with the industry. The Programme Director also proposes a balanced set of activities to the different offices around the world (27 entities working in 40 countries) to optimise both campaign objectives and the strengthening of Greenpeace presence in the world. This is a key component of the mission, as Greenpeace is structurally independent and only relies on financial contributions from its supporters. The public profile of the organisation is an essential component of its campaign successes and a driver for securing its long-term campaigning capacities.

Since the inception of the new Global Programme under my leadership and coordination, Greenpeace increased its media coverage by 50% worldwide, achieved significant campaign victories and increased again its supporters’ number after few years of decline.

The Program Director manages a budget of 10 million Euros.
He coordinates a team of around 100 collaborators; line managing directly 4 units (Political and Business, Research, Science, Mass Networking) and leading the coordination of 2 directions (Campaigns and Communication)


Chris Haws

Independent Film Maker and International Media Consultant.

An experimental Psychologist by training, Chris entered broadcasting with the BBC in London, England, where he wrote, produced and directed a wide range of award winning documentaries, principally on scientific, technological and medical topics.  He subsequently became involved in the launch of the UK’s Channel 4, and in 1985, he founded a highly successful international independent production company, which produced over 400 hours of programming for major broadcasters around the world.  Chris was also the founding chairman of “DOCUMENTARY” – one of the European Commission’s most acclaimed and financially successful MEDIA projects – with offices in Brussels, Amsterdam and Copenhagen. Joining Discovery Networks (Europe) in 1995, as Vice President of Commissions and Production, Chris was their first commissioning editor, responsible for approximately 250 hours of original programming a year.  Subsequently, Chris was promoted to the post of Senior Vice President and Executive Producer, Discovery Networks International (DNI) and relocated to the USA.  In 2001, Chris joined the World Bank Group to assist with the IFC’s Creative Industries Initiative, assessing opportunities for World Bank investment in the audio-visual and creative industries around the world.

Thereafter, he created his own media consultancy, which now serves the needs of a wide range of media organizations in the USA, the UK, the EU, Russia, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Canada and Australia.  He advises Governments and Multilateral organizations on international audiovisual strategy and regulation; he provides executive leadership training to a number of multinational corporations; he teaches documentary writing and directing at educational establishments around the world and has served as an Adjunct Professor in the School of Communications faculty at American University in Washington, where he taught post-graduate courses on International Media Studies. Chris serves on the Advisory Board of the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership and in 2008 was appointed Senior Science Advisor to Discovery’s Science Channel.  In 2009 Chris was asked by John Hendricks, Founder and Chairman of Discovery, to help him develop his ground-breaking ‘Curiosity’ project.

When schedules permit, Chris still makes time to be a film maker, such as Discovery Education on a major STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiative for middle and high school teachers; the World Bank Group on developing Media Best Practices;  the National Academy of Sciences on 3D TV technology in the classroom; DCGEP as an advisor to their HIV and AIDS programming initiatives;  The American Optometric Association as an advisor to their 3D Vision Health initiatives; the 3DatHome Consortium as a Human Factors advisor; the Vision performance Institute as an advisory board member and a range of international production companies as an Executive Producer.


Max Bulley

Max discovered his passion for sailing early on in life. Growing up on the French Riviera, he learned how to sail Optimists and joined the French National team aged eleven.

He became an Olympic contender and raced for the Swiss team, campaigning in the Laser class for 8 years where he achieved 4th in the world, 3rd in Europe and was Swiss champion.

With national and world titles to his name, he naturally gravitated to the yachting industry. He studied and obtained his Yacht Master certificate and subsequently worked a year as yacht captain.

In 2009 he was invited by the Porto Montenegro Marina development to head up the sales team for yacht and berth sales and rental where he spent five years. He also regularly organised and took part in regattas in a variety of classes.

Since 2014 he has worked with Y.CO in Monaco as Yacht broker.

Fluent in English, French and German, in his spare time you will find him kite-surfing or competing in a regatta somewhere exotic.

Giacomo on snow

Giacomo De Stefano

Eco adventurer passionate about the protection of water in the oceans, rivers, canals and including snow and all that is related, as well as sustainable economies.

Giacomo is one of these extraordinary individuals who is prepared to risk his life for what he believes.

Having grown up in the Italian Alps, skiing, snowboarding, climbing and hiking were passions in Giacomo’s life. Then, following a successful career as architect, this adventurer decided to dedicated the second part of his life to seas and rivers and to building a durable and sustainable way of managing economies along the river banks and the coasts.

With some friends from around the planet, Giacomo founded an ONG called Be Water based in Kohl, Germany, and Venice, Italy. The Be Water association is founded to protect our waters, rivers and seas, our cultural and traditional heritage and knowledge, and to promote a ethical and sustainable way of living.

His most recent project is Man on the River: in 2010, Giacomo – together with Roland Poltock and friends – built a small wooden boat in a model design factory, called a Lago. With this boat, Giacomo rowed and sailed for 5401 km across Europe to Istanbul, using only his arms and the wind. During his journey, Giacomo met thousands of people who he listened to and interviewed, all who told about sustainable economies, environmental disasters, great work, miracles, intelligent animals and extraordinary beauty along the rivers of this part of the world. Giacomo made his way, incredibly, across 13 countries, 6 capitals, 346 locks, 18 suspended aqueducts, eight tunnels and 2000 bridges.

Giacomo attempts to travel as slow and as clean as he can.

Man On The Snow, Oslo To Nordkapp by Fair Means is his next project starting January 2015 and involves traveling by ski in a sustainable manner from Oslo to Nordkapp – across Norway, Sweden and Finland. Giacomo’s goal will be to talk to the people of Norway, Sweden and Finland, and to film them in their approach to their white world. This mammoth project includes a skied trip of 3000 km touching famous ski resorts like Lillehammer and wild territories still inhabited by the last nomads of Europe: the Sami.

These expeditions have taken their toll on Giacomo’s health. While on his journey to Istanbul he contracted a near fatal virus that has left him with the use of only one lung and no feeling in his hands and feet.

Giacomo has enormous talent in speaking about his beliefs and experiences. His passionate and engaging manner is a great asset in his captivating talks and presentations.

For more information go to:


Guido Salsilli

Born and raised in Venice, Guido has worldwide logistical experience.

With a love of music, he started his career set designing stages and special props for Opera, Ballet, TV shows, Feature films and commercials.

In the 80’s he, with a British partner, ran a film production service company based in Venice, involving  a variety of projects including  documentaries such as “Gore Vidal in Venice”, Pop promos “Annie Lennox: Diva”, commercials ‘Campari, Lexus, Deutsche Telecom’, etc., and feature films “Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade” and more…

Later, he Production Managed projects including “Pink Floyd Concert” in Venice,  the Oscar nominated  Imax Documentary: “Cosmic Voyage”,  Rolling Stones’ “Live at the Max” Imax  documentary film; America’s Cup Moro di Venezia boat (skipper Paul Cayard), The Volskwagen Dome 360° film project (The Dome, Volksburg),  the feature films “Casanova“, “Witch way love”, among  many others.

In 2004 he joined the Production Company MOVIE MAGIC INTERNATIONAL in Milan as Executive Producer responsible for many commercials including :  FIAT Group (Fiat, Lancia and Alfa Romeo),  Pirelli, Ferrero,  Heineken,  VW Group, Barilla, Telecom, Nescafé, Martini, Juventus F.C., Henkel, Lavazza,  Moretti, and many more…

Guido has spent his life as a “sea man”, always lived close to the sea and is fighting against what he sees as a  serious lack of conscience about the oceans and the environment.

He now seeks new challenging projects particularly concerning environmental responsibility  and ecology.


Cynthia Milani

Director, The Institute for Global Development.

Cynthia Milani is a corporate anthropologist with over twenty years of experience in intercultural communications and post merger integration of personnel. Cynthia  conducts cross-cultural facilitations, executive coaching, and intercultural management training for multinational corporations throughout Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East.

Her clients include Air Touch, Abbey National Bank (Italy & France), AGIP Petroleum, AT&T, AXA, The BBC (London), European Board of Education, BP/Amoco, Chinese National Petroleum Company, Credit Suisse, The European Parliament, Heineken world wide, FIAT, IBM, KPMG, Pfizer, Procter & Gamble, Roche, Shell Oil, Saatchi & Saatchi, Texas Instruments, The United Nations, Unilever, Vodaphone, Whirlpool, Israeli Foreign Ministry, to name but a few. She has also provided training programs for a number of government officials and foreign ambassadors.

Cynthia received her B.A. from Columbia University, has a Master’s Degree in Anthropology; did post graduate work in Semiotics at Reid Hall (Columbia Univ) in Paris.  She received her certification in negotiations and conflict resolution from Harvard University Law School’s Center for Conflict Resolution. She is a public speaker and the author of numerous articles on management and intercultural issues, and contributes to a variety of expatriate publications, She is author of Brand Italy: A Guide to the Italians (Olive Mill Press: 2009) and is preparing a series for 2012 on nation branding and intercultural diversity. Her training materials are used widely throughout companies within Europe and the U.S.  She has taught management training courses at the Institute for Italian Directors (IDI), IBM Executive Education Center and a number of corporate learning centers in Europe and the U.S.A.  Cynthia is a consultant to various intercultural training organization, as well as principal in her own company.

She is a dual citizen of Italy and the U.S.A. and is a permanent resident of France. Cynthia is fluent in French, Italian and English. To read more about her activities, you can visit her website: 

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 14.29.26

Jason Bulley

Jason is a cameraman with a reputation for achieving shots other people don’t want to do.

This amongst other things includes being strapped to the side of a North Sea trawler, the front of a train, the skids of helicopters and the outside of aeroplanes.

Having worked around the world on underwater shoots, Warner Brothers employed him as underwater camera operator on Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and this was soon followed by bands like Take That approaching him directly to work on their underwater pop promos.

His passion for filming along with his love of problem solving has resulted in companies sending Jason to over 65 countries to design and shoot sequences both underwater, in the air and on the ground and in some extremely challenging environments such as the Arctic circle, various deserts and three trips to North Korea.

When he isn’t being tested behind a camera you can find Jason testing himself physically in endurance events. He has run over a 100 marathons, competed in Ironman triathlons, run the fabled Marathon des Sables and completed a 103 mile ultra marathon.

To see  some of Jason’s work visit:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 19.20.03

Amelia Cody

A Marine Biology (Hons) student at Newcastle University, she has just completed her dissertation at Cape Eleuthera Institute, focussing on the Shark energetics and metabolism.

In 2014 Amelia worked with the founder Dr Ken Collins (Senior Research Fellow) of The Shark Tagging Programme in Southampton (NOC), UK helping to process all migratory behaviour and distribution patterns of British Sharks.

Also during 2014 she spent one month with The Katellios Group (Cephalonia) working with Loggerhead turtles within the nesting/hatching season, which included patrolling the beach throughout the morning /night and recording all nests locations. She tagged and recorded all turtles that came to shore to nest and logged on the database to gain more information on distribution patterns and migration and also gave weekly presentations on findings and progress of the research project to locals and tourists.

After that she worked at a local PADI Dive Centre for a further four weeks completing her Rescue Diver qualification and gaining experience in working with SCUBA equipment working on a boat, creating dive locations, working with clients and supporting their needs. She validated clients’ skills on various exercises whilst supervising trial dives.

From working with the Katellios Group Amelia is confident in working as part of a multicultural team, has a good appreciation of team dynamics and is aware of different learning styles.

She feels that integration and collaboration with like-minded, passionate scientists will drive the quality of data and the overall analysis.

Barry Welsh 2

Barry Welsh

For over thirty-five years, Barry has been responsible for and controlled huge budgets in the oil, gas and construction industries. He is experienced in training, development and mentoring roles within multi-cultural teams in a variety of locations including UK, France, Norway, Spain, Algeria, Liberia, Jordan and Azerbaijan.

Barry will oversee all financial aspects of Blue Oceans Foundation including budgeting, funding, running and expenditures.

Currently with BP AGT Caspian Projects – Oil & Gas Condensate platforms, terminal plus tie-ins and pipeline to Europe. Project services advisor in various roles with responsibilities including developing, recommending and implementing continuous improvements to the Project Services Control processes as applied to individual projects within the BP Global Projects Organization.

– Portfolio Risk Management

– Portfolio Organisational Learning

– Portfolio Project Services Plan

– Portfolio Planning and Scheduling

– Portfolio Management of Change

– Portfolio Cost Management Procedure

– Project Information Management Implementation Plan

– Portfolio Action Tracking System

– Personnel Assignment Authority Procedure

Cameron CU

Cameron Waaler

After leaving Edinburgh University Cameron spent two years with Haymarket Publishing working on What Car magazine and Practical Caravan then made the move to the City to become a Shipping Research Analyst for the worlds largest ship-broking firm H. Clarksons. He continually wrote articles for various trade journals within the shipping industry such as The World Shipyard Monitor and The Oil And Tanker Trade Outlook. Having spent two years cutting his teeth learning about the shipping industry Cameron joined firstly Galbraiths and subsequently Braemar Seascope as a Sale and Purchase broker.

By 2005 Cameron made the decision to re-align his work-life balance and gave up broking to pursue a career in the film industry. He joined Momentum Pictures in London, then moved on to become the Deputy Head of Sales at Lions Gate Films working on blockbusters such as The Hunger Games franchise and The Expendables and great British films like Harry Brown and Filth.

Late in 2013 Cameron and his family made the decision to move to the British Virgin Islands, where they have now been living for ten months. An avid diver, he spends much of his time underwater studying marine life around Tortola.


Guy Greville-Morris

Born in London in 1960 Guy studied chemistry, physics, biology and philosophy at university.

Throughout this period he was an avid rower spending many hours on the tidal reaches of the River Thames in the centre of London.

This prolonged and close connection with a living river instilled in him a profound appreciation of the powerful aquatic element of our planet’s ecosystem.

Guy is now a passionate sailor and diver to whom the health of our oceans is of paramount importance.

He has worked in the film industry since 1982 initially in the art department and latterly as a writer and Director. From 1986 to 2000 Guy lived and worked in Hollywood continuously developing his skills as a creative and technically proficient film maker.

In the early 90s through his sailing contacts in the port of Long Beach California Guy worked with the Sea Shepherds designing and building a quick deployment remote underwater camera system for recording and logging the incidents of aquatic mammals trapped and killed by Pacific drift nets.

Now living in the South of France Guy continues to write and runs a small design company. His concern for the health of our planet’s oceans is as important today as when he campaigned as a schoolboy to clean up the tidal river that was his daily playground .

Screen Shot 2013-10-14 at 11.42.45

Paul Martin Smith

Known for his editing work with George Lucas, having worked for five years at Lucasfilm Ltd. While there he was a test bed for Avid’s new developments in it’s editing software.

His many film editing credits include Star Wars: The Phantom Menace; “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (3D); “Mindhunters, starring Val Kilmer, Jonny Lee Miller, Christian Slater, Kathryn Morris and LL Cool J; “Behind Enemy Lines, starring Gene Hackman and Owen Wilson; “The MatchMaker, starring Janeane Garofalo; and Jim Gillespie’s thriller “Venom.

20th Century Fox asked him to co-direct three sequences for it’s animated feature film TITAN AE which became audience favorites.

Smith served as the consulting editor on Ernest Dickerson’s crime drama “Never Die Alone, and edited four telefilms in the feature franchise “The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones.”  Additionally, he has edited over 30 documentaries, including “Gunfight USA for PBS’s “Frontline” and “Cold Spring New Dawn for PBS’s “Nova.” Smith’s other television credits include the telefilms “Country Justice, starring George C. Scott; “Unforgivable, with John Ritter; “The Canterville Ghost, starring Patrick Stewart and Neve Campbell; the Hong Kong detective series “Yellowthread Street” for ITV in the UK; and the Amblin Entertainment/Unversal for NBC sci-fi series “Earth 2.”

Over his career he has also edited many award-winning commercials and countless music videos, and has been second unit director, first assistant director and camera operator.

Along with English he speaks French and Spanish. He is a duel national with French and US passports and is a member of the Guild of British Film Editors (GBFE), the English cousin to American Cinema Editors (ACE).


Dixie Dean

Dixie is a filmmaker who has worked all over the world as a freelance cameraman for most of the major European and American television networks

Some selected credits attest to his huge experience working in many cultures, dealing with adversity and problems solving:

Mudra Afrique, Senegal – Ch4 UK,

HRH Queen  Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace – CBC TV,

Forgotten Land. Yemen – Yemenair,

African Hunters. Ch4 UK,

Gulf War K/Cal US,

General Babangida – WTN UK,

Gaddafi – Visnews Prods. UK,

Dubrovnik Festival – PBS,

Cannes Film Festival – BBC/ABC,

Juno & Avos USSR/Ch4 UK,

Oman Adventure – Visnews Prods,

Dutch Drug Policy – Fox TV,

The Berlin Wall – Fox TV,

The Hindenburg – A & E,

Dream Trip Ethiopia – Abu,

Dragon & Bear Cambodia – Central,

Discover Yemen – Yemen TV,

Ghandi – Central TV UK,

Gulf War – PBS,

Kurdish Refugees – Turkey,

After The Wall – Finnish TV,

Girl Friday – Madagascar – BBC,

Mystery of Elche – Ch4 UK,

What Sank The Derbyshire? – Discovery Ch,

Picasso – McClure/Arts Ch,

Racism in Sport – HBO,

Supersonic Flight – Discovery Ch,

Sir Ranulf Fiennes – HBO.


Francois Habert

Writer / Director / Photographer François started his career in the eighties as advertising copywriter in agencies such as Havas or RSCG and in the nineties began in film production, making commercials and corporate films.

Now with over 300 films to his name, he has extensive experience in filming techniques, styles and writing and also a good understanding of communication channels, which make him a kind of chameleon at ease in many visual needs.

He is also passionate about conservation and sustainability.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 14.57.41

Françoise Noyon

An extremely experienced Paris based Director of Photography and Camera Operator on movies and television series and a leading light in innovative digital technology including 3D.

Françoise regularly lectures and teaches at film schools including IIIS, ESRA, ETTIC, FEMIS, CIFAP ENS Louis Lumière, EICAR ( BTS audio-visual) and also heads various committees and evaluation programs relating to leading-edge camera technology.

Spoken languages include French, English, German and Spanish.

Television series include: 100 episodes of Seconde Chance, Le Tuteur, Père et Maire, Maquereaux aux 20 planques, La marieuse était trop belle, Machinations pour machines à sous, Concurrences déloyales,

Atout Coeur, Panique à St Patrick, N’appellez pas la police, Mignone allons voir si la chose, La folle de Dieu, L’emmerdeuse, Et demain Paula ?, Romain et Jamila, Le secret d’Alice, Juliette et Roméo, Le Secret de Bastien, Dreyfus plus numerous television shows.

Movies as 1st Assistant Camera or 2nd unit Operator include: Paris selon Moussa, Les Kidnappeurs, Le Gône du Chaâba, Opération Corned Beef, Rendez-vous au tas de Sable, La Septième Dimension.

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Jeffrey Daunton

Jeffrey has been treading the boards and acting in films and television for most of his life. Starting as stage manager, he then trained as an actor at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA) and graduated in 1975.

In the Theatre he has worked with The Prospect Theatre Company, St. George’s Theatre, The Royal National Theatre,  Scottish Theatre Company, and the  Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh ( Scotland ),  where he has directed several productions and was appointed Resident Director.

Acting parts include major films such as The Ruby Ring, The Princess Stallion, Personal Services, Truth or Dare, The Railway Man and television including For Maddie With Love,  The History Trail,  Perfect Hero,  Oliver, High road,  Taggart and Rockface.

Jeffrey Daunton and Terence Bulley have known each other since high school and have, over the years collaborated on many productions including music videos, commercials, promotional films, documentaries and short movies.

Working on both sides of the camera for over forty years has given Jeffrey a wealth of experience and insight  in dealing with every possible production situation. He also has exceptionally good organisational and personal communication skills.

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Bernard De Cellés

For over ten years, Bernard has been a Vision Mixer for France Télévisions on national broadcast live programs, series and TV movies.

Before that, he specialized in digital visual effects and was switcher for VCF and SAMIPA on boat and car races around the world.

In France he has been Technical Manager and Director for Channel A, OPV, TV10 and others.

For many years he was a freelance Cameraman and Editor and spent some time working in the French Antilles.

His passions are photography, mountain climbing, snorkeling and sailing.